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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jamshed Dasti gives resign as MNA

PAKISTAN (sports news) MNA Jamshed Dasti gives Resignation. Dasti was present in court because of his fake (jaali) Degrees .He was having fake degree from matric to Masters level. He was asked by his against lawer to give answer what is the answer of 4 into 2 (chaar doni do) but he can't give answer properly than he also can't give the answer of the SECOND surah he said SURAH AL-IMRAN . Judge said to him to decide his future manually otherwise court will took action against him. So he decides to give resignation as MNA. He was also involved in to Threaten The GREAT Younis Khan and The fat man IJAZ BUTT chairman of P.C.B . And may be they were Happy after his resignation.