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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pakistan Vs India World Cup 2011 Semi Final was Fixed- Indian Bookies

Mohali (Routers) Pakistan vs India semi final was fixed said by Indian Bookie Sunil.He said that 4 days before this big clash , India was favourite to win the match.Rate of Indian Team was very high.But after 4 days when Dhoni said that we are in pressure than the rate gone down and Pakistan became favourite to win the match.When India was favourite that time under world wants to lose India because they played their bet on Pakistan which was not favourite that time.But when Pakistan becomes favourite the underworld comes into action and with the help of Indian government they urged Pakistan government to lose the match against India.So one of the Pakistani official from Pakistan threaten some main players of team for playing bad.Some denied this but the official threaten his family members in Pakistan to pressurize Pakistani player and in the end he accept the deal.

The bookie said that same type of deal was going to happen with Indian players if India was favourite.He said the statement of Imran Khan former Pakistani captain give boost to his team and demoralize Indian team and Indian nation got more pressure and Indian public got lose confident from their team.Also on the Paper Pakistan team was looking very strong as compare to Indian team.Pakistan team was having world class bowling line up, also they have strong batting line up.They contain Misbah and Younis who are world class batsmen.On the other hand Indian team have strong batting but not experience.

It is also noted that a sms was also in forwarding list of Pakistani mobile users which said that match was fixed on Presidential level and one minister has received money from Indian government.But people didn't consider much importance to this sms.In the end Pakistan Lose the match.Media also have not gave much importance to this SMS.

Bookie told us that Tendulkar dropping catch was also fixed.It was fancy fixing.People was betting that whether Tendulkar will made 100 or not and on 85 Shahid Afridi took his catch.He said that Tendulkar 100 was going to happen but Shahid Afridi took a catch which cause us a loss.

He said that ICC Chief Haroon Logart (a South African born Indian) was also involve in match fixing.Australia played their match fixed in the tournament.India will win the world cup and Indian Bookies will definitely help Team India to took cup back home after 28 years for this we are in touch with Srilankan President.Cricket is like a religion in India so we want look our Mad people happy.This is golden opportunity for us to took this cup at home.He said Indian agencies involves in Sri lankan team attack in Pakistan.If Pakistan hosted this World Cup than we can't be winner in Semi final.Because Pakistan play semi final in his country.We was also not hoping Pakistan in Semi final after tooking hosting of Tournament from them.We thinked that Pakistan will play Quarter final against South Africa and will knock out from the game but they defeated 1st Sri lanka and than Australia to top the Group and they played Quarter with weak team.India draw from England and than defeat from South Africa was also pre-planned to make South Africa top on the group and they will play with Pakistan.

In final it is hoping that Srilanka will win the toss and chose bat.They will score 265+ on the board.In reply India will lose its 2 wickets in starting 10 overs.But than they will become wall against Srilankan Bowlers.
Muralitharan will not take any wicket.Sangakara will help Indian Batsman to took single and double runs by setting Defensive fielding.India will chase this target before 1 over of the game.They will defeat Sri lanka by 5 to 6 wickets.Dhoni will be Man of the match.He will definitely score 50 to remove bad remarks on his captaincy.