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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Afridi is stronger contender for World cup Captaincy--------Sources

Karachi (Router news) Pakistan's Captain Sahabzada Shahid Khan Afridi is stronger contender for captaincy and will be strong because he has very much fan falling all over the world and specially in INDIA. Peoples of India are die heart fans of Afridi and they want Afridi as captain in World cup & World cup is also helding in INDIA.This is expecting that when chairman of PCB Mr .Ijaz Butt 'll announce Misbah as captain, it may creates turbulence in Pakistan. Public may burn PCB headquarter in reaction because Paki people love cricket and also they love Afridi.Butt is in huge pressure. It is saying that if Pakistan loose series from Newzealand , Afridi may remains captain for worldcup 2011.Misbah is in good form but former great captain like INZIMAM, WASEEM AKRAM, IMRAN KHAN wants Afridi as captain and former great players like ZAHEER ABBAS, AAMIR SOHAIL, MIANDAD views about changing captaincy is that it 'll not create any disturbance in team.So Butt is in pressure that if Misbah as captain will not lead team well and we again knock out from group stage like 2003 and 2007 world cup than Ijaz Butt may be in trouble because of his this funny experiment in a mega event.

Our sources also stated that Most of the major sponsors who have invested lot of money in the tournament in Pakistan have already prepared their campaigns with Shahid Afridi as captain in their commercials. So they are concerned that any late change in the captaincy now would derail their campaigns and cost them millions of rupees in losses.These companies are also lobbying within the government to ensure that the Pakistan board does not change Afridi as captain for the World Cup.

The source also informed that Butt is likely to announce the World Cup captain this week after some more deliberations in New Zealand.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Afridi or Misbah---------A real fight & grouping begans again

After todays defeat with Newzealand a question mark against Afridi's captaincy created whether he will be captain or not in World cup.PCB has not announced captain for World cup 2011 yet.There was a lot of pressure upon Afridi in this ODI series.Afridi face shows pressure in the match and he got out on a cut shot.While Misbah was looking cool and definitely he has no pressure regarding anything because he had won Test series after many years and his named comes as a Captain in World cup.So he was playing sensibly but Afridi is in huge pressure and is now got a lot after losing match.

Ex-cricketers are continuously criticizing PCB for not announcing captain for World cup yet.They said that Afridi should be captain in World cup 2011 but what Ijaz Butt wants no one knows.

Afridi improves very much after becoming captain he was continuously scoring runs and in his captaincy team shows in a unit which was lacking for a long period.While Misbah was not in form in last many ODI'S and test matches but when he got captaincy he took his form back which creates many questions for cricket world.
Do Misbah was involving in grouping against Younis Khan captaincy?
Afridi didn't win a series of ODI yet but team shows effort under his captaincy by fighting till the last game of ODI series against England and South Africa in a tough situations when Pakistan was in big criticism for match fixing allegations

Comes on todays match.Afridi wins the toss and elected bat first but his openers didn't did anything and out immediately. In middle order Younis & Misbah makes partnership but after sometimes Younis also dismiss.Asad Shafique was given out wrong.Afridi came but he was looking in pressure by his face.And out after scoring only 16 runs.Misbah stood at pitch till last wicket and after scoring his 50 he was bowled in a funny style that his trademark like 2007 final dismiss.And he shows his wicked smile to public.What was the message behind the smile no one knows.

What is the guarantee that in Misbah's captaincy team will score 300+ or makes some reasonable runs for opponent or will chase the target if Misbah is only scoring runs.Misbah scores 50 in the match but in vain.
On other side when Afridi , A.Razzak ,Younis scores 50 Pakistan wins the match everytime.

Misbah has only saved Pakistan from many shameful defeats many times but not from defeat.When Pakistan was losing t20 final in 2007 he made hope of winning but out after playing a funny shot.

A.Razzak has saved Pakistan and got to win manytimes.If a captain are those who scores runs than A.Razzak and M.Yousuf ,Younis Khan is good choice.I think A.Razzak is good choice if PCB do not wants Afridi as captain in World cup.

Their is also criticism on Afridi that he took wrong decision of batting first but no one knows that the decision of batting first or bowling first is suggested by team management,coach and Vice Captain to Captain.

There is a grouping in the team who does not want Afridi as captain in World cup.If PCB announced the captain with squad than there was no grouping created and Team shows his unity in the match because they knew that their captain is Afridi till world cup but now players got power to show their strength against captain.

It is same situation like in 2003 when board announced WAQAR YOUNIS as captain intead of Wasim Akram and we didn't reach for super sixes.After which many senior players resigns and we went to rebuild our team. Which results in again not qualifying in super 8 in 2007.If PCB didn't took lesson from their past and make a new captain for mega event than its may be cause big disaster for our Team again and may be we will not qualifies for next round again in World cup 2011.
I think PCB should make a wise decision and should announced AFRIDI as captain whether his performance good or not to end conspiracies from the team and they should not allowed to do experiment as a new captain in world cup and new captain failes again in the world cup.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Former test cricketer Muhammad ILyas does not want Afridi as captain in World Cup

Karachi (routers) Former test cricketer and member of selection committee for his Son in law Imran Farhat does not want Afridi as captain in world cup.Sources indicated that Ilyas was badly known for his favour for his son in law Imran Farhat who didn't has capability to grab BAT properly but his Father in law Mr.Ilyas took him in Pakistan side every time he became selector.For this purpose Muhammad Ilyas has fight with other selectors many time and mostly he took out his T.T and forces selectors and Chief selectors to include Imran Farhat in squad.
On the other hand when Afridi took the captaincy he first cleans team from Dartoos like Shoaib Malik and many others to make team united. He promotes his regional players more.Sarfaraz Ahmed got failed to cover place of Kamran Akmal so he orders PCB to give KAMI back in side.Afridi is also famous for supporting Little boy called Fawad Alam who scored 167 against Srilanka when all seniors failed to score runs and when Pakistan was in trouble.
Muhammad Ilyas does not like Fawad Alam.Afridi also gave chance to Shahzeb Hasan instead of Imran Farhat (PARCHI) .Afridi wants fresh blood in team and he does not want Imran Farhat.So Mr.Ilyas make a plan with his son in law and make such situations that Fawad Alam got outside from side by selecting him in T20s and ODIs and send him in last positions where match was over or about to over.Fawad wants stay on pitch and than make some runs so he can't score runs which cause him to drop from team.

After dropping Fawad Alam Muhammad Ilyas next target is SHAHID KHAN AFRIDI.Our sources said that Pakistan's lost to South Africa series recently is due to M.Ilyas to make bad image of Afridi as captain of side. M. Ilyas lured Zulqarnain Hyder to run from team.He said Zulqarnain if he goes England Mazhar Majeed the friend of Imran Farhat will help him to include in county and may be he will get chance to enter in National team of England.So Zulqarnain absent from last crutial match Between Pakistan and South Africa which cause Pakistan lost the match due to huge tension in team.
Muhammad Ilyas is going to create such situations that Pakistan will lost ODI series against Newzealand and peoples will start criticism on Afridi which helps Ilyas to change Captaincy for World cup.Ilyas wants Misbah as captain.
 Sources also said that Muhammad Ilyas is attached to match Fixers for many years.So due to under world pressure he gots main positions in PCB many times.And he included Imran Farhat every time.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Old memories from world cup 1992

You can see all of them except 3 are looking upset.Two are laughing and 1 is looking confident and gorgeous.


 When I said ''YE CUP HUMARA HAI'' people laugh at me where are they????
 Shirt went in the Auction but due to heavy public & because of battle between BILL GATES & SAUDI PRINCE the shirt was withdraw from auction to save world from World War
 Mid Night Party in Hotel...beautiful dance by AAQIB JAVED, JAVED MIANDAD & RAMEEZ RAJA like Munni & Sheela
 Sir Waseem Akram Man of the Final

Troop passing from 5-Star chowrangi Karachi

Aamir will release from spot fixing scandle (sources)

Kuwait (Doha) Our sources from ICC indicated that Pakistan's fast bowler Muhammad Aamir is going to released by ICC's jury.They said that Aamir is only 18 year old and ICC supports young blood to promote cricket among youngsters.Aamir said in court that he has ball a no-ball to produce fast ball suggested by captain Salman Butt.Salman has also accept this in dressing room after match in front of coach.

Our sources stated that Salman Butt has very weak case after this statement.Asif also said that Salman told him to do no-ball to disturb batsman.Both of them are in trouble.

It is noted that Salman's place has covered by M.Hafeez who are showing his best in all formats of cricket and Ahmed  Shahzad is also good player.So if he will released by ICC he may not include in final 15.Asif has also replaced by Wahab Riaz and Tanvir Ahmed and his chance are also low because he has bad past for his drugs addict and his relations with drug mafias & with Veena Malik.But our sources indicated that PCB wants Aamir back in the side for World cup squad.For this Shahid Afridi also gave his statement to ICC's jury via teleconference and he support Aamir.

If Aamir will included in Pakistan side they will become stronger contender to win World cup 2011 in the captaincy of their Lion Captain Shahid Khan Afridi who has also gave Pakistan T20 world cup 2009 with his stylish Batting and with his magical deliveries.