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Friday, March 23, 2012

Don't cry Bangladesh -You have broken teeths of our enemies

I think Bangladesh should learn from Pakistan when we lost match near from the edge.When we lost the final of t20 World cup 2007 also which is from our arch rival India.Many people got shocked, might be many cried but our team didn't lose their heart and in the result we won t20 World cup 2009.If anyone has a knowledge about old matches than he must remember World Cup 1987 when Pakistan lost semi final match from Australia in sub continent just near from Victory but again world knows better "Who won the cup 1992!!". If as a Muslim nation Bangladesh believe on Allah than they should trust him for having a second chance.
Bangladesh nation called them "Tigers". They must remember the fact that "Tiger never cry , a Tiger always tore his opponent & always fight rather than cry over split milk".
Bangladesh played superb cricket through out the tournament & In my opinion they played well as compare to Pakistan.Bangladesh defeated two finalist teams of World cup 2011.As a brother nation Bangladesh helped Pakistan to snatch the CROWN OF ASIAN CHAMPION from their arch rival India.Because of Bangladesh, We have not given enough pride or chance to "Someone" (India) to decorate the crown on KING'S head.Bengali as our younger & Muslim brothers proved the reality of Muslims in Asia.The two best cricket teams in Asia now are Pakistan & Bangladesh.

On other but controversial hand.If we had lost the final from Bangladesh, than some anti Pakistani forces in Bangladesh which never accept Pakistan & who helped India in cutting our left hand in 1971 could be happy because the night when Pakistan became "ASIAN TIGER IN CRICKET" after some hours there were 23 March (PAKISTAN DAY). The day when we presented our resolution in Lahore which I think should be important for Bengali too.Because after which Bangladesh (old East Pakistan) came into existence so than after which some years Bangladesh formed.If we didn't presented resolution than its petty clear that Bangladeshi People could be not sovereign state.If we lost match on Pakistan Day than anti Pakistan forces could said something against creation & importance of Pakistan.

I know some Bengali people in Bangladesh who since creation of Bangladesh have not accepted Bangladesh yet and called themselves as  Pakistani were very happy yesterday.

In the end I want to say one thing that if Bangladesh was with us than today they can called themselves  Asian Champion.But they with their performance has cleared it on INDIA that however he can try his all effort to break our parts from body but he should remember one thing that our each part can break his teeth even with more power.