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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pakistan Vs India World Cup 2011 Semi Final was Fixed- Indian Bookies

Mohali (Routers) Pakistan vs India semi final was fixed said by Indian Bookie Sunil.He said that 4 days before this big clash , India was favourite to win the match.Rate of Indian Team was very high.But after 4 days when Dhoni said that we are in pressure than the rate gone down and Pakistan became favourite to win the match.When India was favourite that time under world wants to lose India because they played their bet on Pakistan which was not favourite that time.But when Pakistan becomes favourite the underworld comes into action and with the help of Indian government they urged Pakistan government to lose the match against India.So one of the Pakistani official from Pakistan threaten some main players of team for playing bad.Some denied this but the official threaten his family members in Pakistan to pressurize Pakistani player and in the end he accept the deal.

The bookie said that same type of deal was going to happen with Indian players if India was favourite.He said the statement of Imran Khan former Pakistani captain give boost to his team and demoralize Indian team and Indian nation got more pressure and Indian public got lose confident from their team.Also on the Paper Pakistan team was looking very strong as compare to Indian team.Pakistan team was having world class bowling line up, also they have strong batting line up.They contain Misbah and Younis who are world class batsmen.On the other hand Indian team have strong batting but not experience.

It is also noted that a sms was also in forwarding list of Pakistani mobile users which said that match was fixed on Presidential level and one minister has received money from Indian government.But people didn't consider much importance to this sms.In the end Pakistan Lose the match.Media also have not gave much importance to this SMS.

Bookie told us that Tendulkar dropping catch was also fixed.It was fancy fixing.People was betting that whether Tendulkar will made 100 or not and on 85 Shahid Afridi took his catch.He said that Tendulkar 100 was going to happen but Shahid Afridi took a catch which cause us a loss.

He said that ICC Chief Haroon Logart (a South African born Indian) was also involve in match fixing.Australia played their match fixed in the tournament.India will win the world cup and Indian Bookies will definitely help Team India to took cup back home after 28 years for this we are in touch with Srilankan President.Cricket is like a religion in India so we want look our Mad people happy.This is golden opportunity for us to took this cup at home.He said Indian agencies involves in Sri lankan team attack in Pakistan.If Pakistan hosted this World Cup than we can't be winner in Semi final.Because Pakistan play semi final in his country.We was also not hoping Pakistan in Semi final after tooking hosting of Tournament from them.We thinked that Pakistan will play Quarter final against South Africa and will knock out from the game but they defeated 1st Sri lanka and than Australia to top the Group and they played Quarter with weak team.India draw from England and than defeat from South Africa was also pre-planned to make South Africa top on the group and they will play with Pakistan.

In final it is hoping that Srilanka will win the toss and chose bat.They will score 265+ on the board.In reply India will lose its 2 wickets in starting 10 overs.But than they will become wall against Srilankan Bowlers.
Muralitharan will not take any wicket.Sangakara will help Indian Batsman to took single and double runs by setting Defensive fielding.India will chase this target before 1 over of the game.They will defeat Sri lanka by 5 to 6 wickets.Dhoni will be Man of the match.He will definitely score 50 to remove bad remarks on his captaincy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shoaib Akhtar will be trumph card in semi final against India in Mohali

Mohali (Routers) Pakistan Pacer Shoaib Akhtar will be Trump card for Indian batsman.Pakistan team management is making fool to Indian media and will definitely Include Akhtar in Place of Wahab Riaz.All team will remain same.Indian media is poking his nose in all matters , specially they are also poking their nose in Pakistan team personal matters.So Pakistan team complain this issue to ICC and ICC banned media to cover PCT practise session plus they will not allowed in stadium and hotel.

Indian media protested on this ban.They said we have rights to cover any thing in media.Shahid Afridi is not happy with the behaviour of Indian media.He said Indian media is psycho, they are doing racism.They didn't check the news completely and breaks it with no head & tail.

Foreign media is criticising Indian media for hiding parrot killing news in Banglore.

Our sources from Pakistan team indicated that Shoaib Akhtar will definitely play the semi final against India in Mohali on 30 March 2011.Shoaib Akhtar is looking 100% fit and wants to make his career's last game against India memorial.And it is also semi final so it is expected that Shoaib will blast Indian team with his fast bowling, he will not care what injury he will got after this match.He will provide full pace in bowling and specially quality bowling.

Shoaib Akhtar is also looking to took revenge from Sehwag.Sehwag has did some mouth firing against Akhtar in a program in India.In which he told a story ''BAAP BAAP HOTA HAI, AUR BETA BETA HOTA HAI''. So it will be hoping that Shoaib will answer his question in Mohali that who is Father and who is Son.

Cricket World Cup 2011: Peter the Octopus predicts Pakistan’s victory in semi-final against India

Peter the Octopus, who lately acquired the status of “the cocksure forecaster” by faultlessly predicting the outcome of all the matches of this year’s cricket world cup, has now predicted Pakistan’s victory over India in the 2nd semi-final. The news of his prediction has sent ripples across the betting industry.
“The news has already influenced decisions of many betters” claimed a UAE-based bookie who requested anonymity. Other betting houses, especially in Europe have also confirmed the sudden shift. “Given its impeccable track record that the media is drumming up all across, the prediction will certainly waltz around betters’ minds while putting the money” added the bookie.
Peter the Octopus burst into media spotlight when a local newspaper reported its prediction of South Africa’s unexpected defeat against New Zealand in the quarter finals and a day later, India’s win over Australia.
Peter the octopus is a 2 year 7 month old Australian octopus, owned by a 78-year-old woman living in the city of Geraldton in Western Australia. When the Cricket World Cup 2011 commenced a number of teens from the neighbourhood began to toss in flags of various teams in its aquarium and Peter would wrap its tentacles around one of them and sit on it for the whole day. But things started to get interesting when his predictions turned to be impeccably accurate.
Peter is now considered a local hero; he is being kept in police custody primarily because of the sudden exponential number of people visiting him. A video clip of Peter the octopus is soon to be released, presenting the Australian octopus in action. The international media and the sports world are restlessly waiting for the launch of the video, as the new attraction that Peter represents has been of a great popularity.

Peter’s recent prediction on Pakistan’s victory over India’s cricket team in the Cricket World Cup 2011 has been commented by officials of both countries. Pakistan’s cricket team and officials have stated their trust in Peter’s prediction for their country; but the bookies in India have expressed its scepticism concerning the predicted results of the world cup game. However, the trends show that Peter’s predictions has been taken into consideration by the majority of cricket fans, as the general betting trend suddenly leaned towards the victory of Pakistan team.

Pakistan will beat India in 2nd Semi final of ICC World Cup 2011-Predictions

Karachi (Ary Purjosh) A well known Psychic now a day on Media named Shah Sahib has predicted that Shahid Khan Afridi will win the toss in Semi final against India in 2nd Semi final of World cup 2011 in Mohali.He predicted that Shoaib Akhtar will blast opening batting of India with his magical bowling.India will hardly score 200.In reply Pakistan will easily chase this target.

Asad Shafique, Younis Khan, Shahid Afridi , Abdul Razzak, Shoaib Akhtar, Saeed Ajmal will be key players for Pakistan.

Yuvraj Singh, Zaheer Khan, Kohli will be key players for India.

It is noted that Shah Sahab predicted 2 captains very lucky in the Tournament when it starts who was Sangakara and Afridi. Sangakara has qualified his team Srilanka to final.Now Afridi will be 2nd one if he wins today and qualified for final of world cup.

Shah Sahib has predicted all big games very much correct in the tournament in which a upset like Bangladesh wins against England and New zealand win over South Africa in quarter final was a very big prediction..

Pakistan cricket fans had bought crackers for fireworks after match celeberations.Demand of crackers like ''AAO PYAAR KARE'', ''PATI BOMB'', ''ANAAR'' has increased in the country.Their is huge celeberations expected at ''5 STAR CHOWRANGI KARACHI'' , ''SEA VIEW'', ''GULSHAN 13-D'' at Afridi's house.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sri lanka Vs New Zealand 1st Semi final World Cup 2011 - Predictions

Colombo, Sri lanka have to face New Zealand in 1st Semi final on tuesday 29 March 2011.
Prediction about match is that New zealand will win the match.They will win the toss and bat first and will score 250 + on the board which will create problems for Srilanka team in chasing and they will can't chase it.

One of our psychic predicted that the team who will win toss will be winner on that game.They said that if Sri lanka batted first they will score 290+ and will beat New zealand comfortably.

Key players for Srlanka will be Malinga,Muralitharan, Sangakara & Jayawardane.

Key players for New zealand will be Ross Taylor , Jacob Oram, Brendon McCullum.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gopal Das release is due to deal with Indian Government-Sources

Dehli (MPP) Pakistan release of Indian convict Gopal Das release was come after a Big deal with Indian Government that Indian Team will lose Semi final match against Pakistan on 30 March 2011.It is declared by our sources in Indian Parliament.When we try to contact Indian Foreign ministry they didn't give any reliable answer.A hot news about match fixing by Indian Bookies is also in the media that Indian bookies said that India is favourite for winning world cup so the rate in Pakistan vs India semi final is very high.There is billions of dollars have fixed on the victory of Indian team in semi final.So it is hoping that may be Indian bookies have bought some players in the team.An bookie from mumbai told our reporter that India will lose the match because we want to earn money from this match.If India qualify for final than it is also not sure that India will beat New Zealand or Srilanka.And the rate on that match will be not too big like that game.So Indian under world is planning to grab this golden opportunity which they can't grab in future.

It is also noted that an Indian news channel show a footage of Indian dressing room where a famous bookie was saw talking with Suresh Raina and Yuvraj Singh.
It is also noted that Pakistan Government said that we will give ''Gopal Das'' an Indian terrorist on 30 March 2011 which can clear the story of match fixing that if India lose the match it can took ''Gopal Das''.
Gopal Das was senior agent of Indian agency IB which was arrested by Pakistan.Indian government requested many times to release him but Pakistan neglect it but this time Pakistan President Asif Zardari gave a deal to Indian government that if Indian team lost the match against Pakistan than he will definitely release Gopal Das.Our sources indicated that Zardari has involve in Betting in many games in past.So it is hoping that Zardari has bet on Pakistan because Pakistan rate of return if Pakistan wins is too high because Pakistan has lost all 4 games against Indian in world cup when they meet.Team India betting rate is high too many people has bet on India win.If Pakistan win this huge amount will distribute to people who bet on Pakistan.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pakistan Vs India World Cup 2011 Semi Final -Predictions

India Vs Pakistan on 30 March 2011 a big big final before Grand final.All cricket pundit are giving their views on this big war of cricket on Mohali.Many Astrologist,numerologist and Psychic are giving their predictions on every matches of this world cup.Many predictions comes true , many becomes wrong.Before tournament when every body was not considering Pakistan as world champion, an Indian Parrot who's name was Mali predicted Pakistan as world Champion 2011.But killed by his owner.Pakistani media & Pakistani nation made fun of India after this issue.Indian media tried his best to hide this issue but we published it on our site on 24 February 2011.After which it spread in the world like a burning fire.

An Indian Elephant named ''DADA'' is also famous now a day for his prediction in World cup.But he also got failed to predict the Quarter final of New Zealand Vs South Africa.He also predicted South Africa as winner but New zealand beat South Africa easily and Qualified for Semi final.But when all world is saying that South Africa will be winner in Quarter Final there was a man in Pakistan named ''SHAH SAHIB'' in Ary News Program ''HAR LAMHA PURJOSH'' he predicted that he is not seeing South Africa as winner in Quarter final against New Zealand before 1 day of match.And World saw that New Zealand beat South Africa in that match we also reported his prediction on our site before the match.Shah Sahab predicted right in very big matches like Bangladesh Vs England, India vs Australia, Pakistan VS Australia & Pakistan Vs Srilanka.

Shah Sahib had predicted that Pakistan will win the World cup 2011.We should belief in Allah, who knows well what will happen next.He can change destine by your prayer.Records always made to break.

So comes on Pakistan vs India semi final Predictions ,it is predicted that Pakistan will win the toss and elects bat first.Pakistan will score 300 + on the board.India will lose 2 wickets in starting overs but its middle order will help them to 125 + but after 140 they will starts losing wicket and they will Bowled all out before 200.
Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi may took 4 to 5 wickets + he will score 50+ with Bat.Kamran Akmal may stops all bad remarks on him during this tournament for dropping catches in the matches.He may also score 75+.Abdur Razzak, Shoaib Akhtar,Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal they will be key players for Pakistan.
India's key player may be Zaheer Khan, Suresh Raina and  Yousuf Pathan.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pakistan Vs India World Cup 2011 Semi Final -Who will win?

Pakistan will have to face their arch rival India on 30 March 2011.All predictions are in favour of Pakistan.
India has defeated Pakistan in all World cup matches when they meet.This time it is a big Question in mind of every one that do Pakistan will break this record? or India will repeat history.

Mohali is the place where Pakistan has defeated India in all 2 games when they meet.India hasn't have good track record in Mohali. Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi, Wicket Keeper Kamran Akmal, All rounder Abdul Razzak has good record in Mohali. Kamran Akmal has played only one match in Mohali and scored 124 runs.
Pakistan has chased in both two games in which they chased a huge target of 321.
All these players have not batted well through out the tournament.So it is danger for Indian team.
India has lost all three matches in Mohali.
Pakistan team looking united in captaincy of Shahid Khan Afridi but Dhoni 11 looking in groupings.
India Vs Pakistan semi final 2011 Mohali post -match Realities

Pakistani team has support from the army of 1992.Like Imran Khan, Waseem Akram, Waqar Younis & Aqib Javed.
But on the other hand Indian captain didn't consider his old heroes like Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev.

In the Semi final India will have the pressure rather than Pakistan.Because Pakistan has a record of losing all matches played against India in world cup.So if the lost it will not new but if India lost it will be a Big Shock for whole Indian Nation.

Indian Parrot Mali has also predicted Pakistan as a world Champion three times in a row but his owner killed him in fear from Shiv sena.Pakistan psychic Shah Sahib also predicted Pakistan as world champion 2011.

Srilanka will beat England in 4th Quarter Final of World Cup 2011-Predictions

Karachi (Ary News) Shah Sahab , Numerologist and Parrot Shahzada all of them Predicted that Srilanka will win the Quarter Final against England comfortably.They predicted Dilshan , Sangakara and Muralitharan as key player in the game.

It is noted that Shah Sahib a new psychic on T.V is predicting right through out the tournament.He has predicted right Big games of ICC WORLD CUP 2011.Like Bangladesh Vs England, Pakistan Vs Srilanka, Pakistan Vs Australia, India Vs South Africa, Pakistan Vs West Indies (Quarter final), India Vs Australia (Quarter Final), New zealand Vs South Africa (Quarter Final).

Shah Sahib has also predicted in advance that Pakistan will definitely win the World Cup.Insha Allah

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Newzealand will beat South Africa in 3rd Quarter Final of World Cup 2011-Predictions

Karachi (Ary News) Shah Sahab in a private channel program predicited that Newzealand will beat South Africa in Quarter final of ICC World Cup 2011.It is noted that Shah Sahab is Predicted right in all big games like Pakistan Vs Australia,Bangladesh Vs England,India Vs Australia and other matches.But numerologist predicted that South Africa will be winner in the Quarter Final.He said that South Africa will beat Newzealand easily.

Parrot Shahzada in program predicted South Africa as winner in South Africa vs Newzealand game.

It is noted that Both Shah Sahab and Numerologist had predicted that Pakistan will definitely win World cup 2011.And will lift the trophy from Mumbai

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

India will beat Australia in 2nd Quarter Final of World cup 2011-Pakistani Parrot

Karachi (ARY PURJOSH) ''Shah Sahab'' (a psychic) and Parrot ''Shahzada'' in a private channel program predicted that India will beat Australia on Thursday 2nd Quarter final of  ICC World cup 2011.But numerologist in the program predicted that Australia will beat India easily.He predicted Shane Watson,Ponting and Brett Lee will be key palyer for Australia in Quarter Final.Shah Sahab predicted Watson,Clark and Mitchell Johnson Key Players for AUSSIES and VIRENDER SEHWAG , SACHIN TENDULKAR and SURESH RAINA will perform good for India.

Shah Sahab and Numerologist both are confident that Pakistan will win World Cup 2011 easily.

Shahzada (the parrot) has predicted right except some small matches but he is predicting right in all Big games of ICC world cup 2011 through out the tournament.So program officials are continuously tooking prediction from Shahzada Parrot from unknown places which are changing match by match no one knows from where he will predict next match.This is for his security because couples of week ago an Indian Parrot named Mali was killed by his owner because of fear from Indian Terrorist activist Shiv sena for predicting Pakistan three times in a row.So for Shahzada's security TV channel administration is changing the prediction place of parrot match by match.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pakistan Road to Mission World cup 2011

Pakistan cricket team is on his biggest mission which is World cup 2011.ODI World cup comes after 4 year every team prepared for this event and wait for it till 4 years.But Pakistan I think is only team who involves in controversies , grouping and injuries problem for 4 years but when event comes on head whole team , management , board , players starts performing well.Selection committee selects players on merit while before world cup in all tours and tournaments they selects players on intercession or favouritism.

Pakistan has won World cup on a situation when Pakistani peoples was missing happiness like 1992 & 2009.
But this time we need this cup also to make happy nation but also to show the world our power,unity,strength, & to give a slap on the nations who are continuously  underestimating  us by tooking our matches from our country and involving us in Spot-fixing scandles.We have to show world that we have many Asif and many Aamir in our domestic.We are happy and wants to thanks those who help us to make our team clean from dirty guns.If anyone was involving in degrading the fame of green shirt than he has to go out from team as well as from country.

This time Pakistan made slow start in tournament like past.But they becomes tough game by game.Except in Newzealand match where the backbone of any cricket team a wicket keeper has dropped too many catches and gives a chance to a batsmen who has not dismiss on 0 throughout his career.Yes Kamran Akmal dropped Ross Taylor catch first on 0 and than on 2 runs.He than took full advantage of it and hit boundaries in last 5 overs of innings.In the end Newzealand scored 300+ on the board and Pakistan face problem on chasing this huge target.Pakistan lost that game by more than 100 runs.
I think it is good for any team to see his weakness before crunch game and Pakistan took lesson from this defeat and came stronger against Zimbabwe and than against Australia.Pakistan defeated Australia by 4 wickets and show them that their Father is alive.Pakistan is the only team who defeated Australia last time on 23 May 1999 in World cup game and now than Australia was undefeated in tournament till their 34 victories.
Pakistan stops them and give the world alarming message that We are here don't under estimate us.We can beat any nation on our Day.It is also noted that Ricky Ponting is famous for his  mouth firing against opponent but this time before Pakistan vs Australia game in World cup he didn't say anything bad against Pakistan and their player.He said that  Pakistan is based on Match winner players.If he wants to make us over confident than Pakistani players proof their confident and Ricky's confident by thier performance.
Both Umar rocked the game by their sensational performance.Umar Gul refreshed the memories of Waqar Younis by Clean bowled  Shane Watson in his 3rd over.In reply Asad Shafique and Umar Akmal batted well in tough conditions of slow wicket and also control their nerves against defending champion.Brett Lee did his best to make Umar Akmal angry and play a silly shot but Umar Akmal proved himself why he is calling a World Class Player.
BOOM BOOM style shows 11 to show world that we can win World Cup '11

Afridi spit on his enemies and critics by his captaincy and balling performance.Who was saying that Afridi is not a good captain and make Misbah Captain but now they are comparing Afridi with Imran Khan and Misbah with Javed Miandad.If Pakistan win this cup than Afridi will be 3rd Khan after Imran and Younis who will win World cup.And 2nd to win ODI World Cup.

Pakistan has to play Quarter final on 23rd match when there is also PAKISTAN DAY.Whole nation is expectating that Pakistan will give gift on its National day by winning Quarter final against West Indies.Pakistan track record against WestIndies is not good.We have defeated from West Indies in our 1st match of tournament.We lost to West Indies in 2007 which was also our 1st match in tournament.
If  Pakistan go to Semi Final than he has to Face Australia or India in Semis.Pakistan hasn't face these team yet before in Semi final of any ICC's Event.Pakistan has face Australia in final of 1999 where Kangroos defeated us while India has defeated us in all group matches of world cup as well in Quarter final of 1996 and T20's final in 2007.So It is huge chance for winning of Green Shirts.

On other hand Srilanka has to defeat England and it seems that Srilanka will qualify for Semis because it is their home condition as well England are not in good form.South Africa is strong to defeat Newzealand in 4th Quarter final.So in Srilanka Vs South Africa semi final world knows that Africa is Chokers so Srilanka will has to face Pakistan in Final of ICC WORLD CUP 2011.

Pakistan has defeated Srilanka in final of T20 World Cup 2009.So Pakistan will be favourite for wining title.
Some Indian Bookies has give indication of Pakistan's wining Of World Cup 2011 to our reporter in Mumbai.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cable Operator Association of Pakistan (CAP) called Strike from 12 Pm PST on Saturday

Lahore (Routers) Cable Operator Association of Pakistan called Strike on 19 March 2011 from 12 pm PST till 24 hours onward.They will shut down all channels except PTV (government channel).
The whole drama begins when Geo files case against their rights of World cup matches in Pakistan in Supreme court and they won the case that only GEO SUPER will telecast all matches of World cup 2011 live in Pakistan.If any channel wants to present match than it has to buy rights from Geo group.But PTV can broadcast match on terrestrial.
PTV broadcast match on terrestrial but they also telecast it on its satellite which is not allowed according to judiciary's decision.And Cable operators continuing presenting Star cricket on cable which has no rights to broadcast match in Pakistan.Cable operators broadcast this channel through their digital service to enter their advertisement between the match to earn revenue.While GEO SUPER was giving lots of advertisement between match so viewers got pissed off and changed channels to other channels.So Geo was losing advertisement due to unpopularity of their channel.So they filled case against Cable operators to shut all
channels who are telecasting world cup matches.
But Cable operators threatened GEO GROUPS that if they went again in court or if PEMRA took any action against them than they will shut GEO till the end of world cup matches.
Geo complained PEMRA about this and PEMRA took strong action against Cable operators of Pakistan and took their some important instruments in custody.
So now Cable operator's Association of Pakistan (CAP) decides to protest against it.And they decided to Shut all channels except PTV who can telecast match on Saturday.

Sports World understands the problem of viewers in Pakistan so we will telecast Live match Of Pakistan vs Australia and Bangladesh vs South Africa on this site.You can also watch post-match recordings here.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pakistan and South Africa could win World cup 2011-BOOKIES

Mumbai (Sports desk) An Indian Bookie said that Pakistan and South Africa are strong contender to win World cup 2011.He said to our reporter that India was hot favourite before starting world cup and Pakistan & South Africa was least in the favourite list that's why people was fixing bet on India and also on Srilanka.
But the bookie said that Book world are in favour of Pakistan and Africa because we can recieve big return of amount back.He said we are fixing all matches of India and all other big team in this tournament.You will see big upsets in tournament till end.Pakistan will give average performance in the tournament but they will win all matches including Australia match on 19 March,Quarter final & Semi Final.He said we want to see Africa in final.Africa is chockers that's why they 'll not be favourites in semis so this time it is huge chance that S.Africa will be in final of World cup 2011.

He said that India vs South Africa game was also fixed due to India's favourite in that game.Bookies earned lot from that game.
He said India may knock out from group stage or may be from Quarter final.They will not play semi final in that tournament.

Pakistan vs South Africa final result depends on favouritism of teams.Their is huge chance that Africa will be hot favourite in the final because Africa has failed to qualify for any final in ICC's tournaments.So if they broke this record than they can win cup.But than we will also help the team who will not favourite.So Pakistan can win the cup but if they are not favourite till end of tournament.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pakistan Vs Australia on 19 March 2011 Big Game of World Cup

Pakistan has to face Australia on 19 March 2011 49th match of ICC WORLD CUP's 10th Edition.
Australia is undefeated after 23 May 1999 when Pakistan beated them by 10 Runs.After which Aussies are Undefeated.
Pakistan is very confident to beat Australia again in Group match after 1999 group match.This is a big question in mind of Cricket experts that Will Pakistan Stop them & defeat Australia on 19 March or Australia will remain undefeated in the group stage.It will clear on Saturday.

Mike Hussey who's nick is Mr.Cricket has joined team & now Aussies are again strong to win World cup.
Saeed Ajmal off spinner of Pakistan team is looking to take ravenge from M.Hussey of T20 2010 semi final last over when Hussey hit him three 6s and one 4 and make his side win against defending champions.

Afridi says that may be we will give attack to spinners and he is keen to defeat Australia again.

Pointing point out Pakistan as most dangerous team in the tournament.He said that Pakistan is unpredictable and can defeat any team on their day.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Umar is not faking injury: Pak manager

Pakistan team manager Intikhab Alam refuses the report that Umar Akmal is faking injury in favour of his big brother Kamran Akmal.Couples of day ago Umar Akmal younger brother of Pakistan team's wicket keeper Kamran Akmal has got injury in his finger during practise session.He reported to manager and manager warned him that if the injury will prove fake than he has to go home back because he has also did same in Australia when Kamran Akmal drops too many catches and Pakistan lost the match.And when before Hobart test team management planed to change keeper Umar Akmal showed fake injury in his back to support his brother.

But this time Afridi and Team management had warned him if injury seems fake than both brothers had to go home back.They said that we don't want any politics in the team and if both brothers try to do politics in the team than both of them will have to go back.1.6 billion people are important than 2 players.Players are in too much quantity in Pakistan.We have lot of talents.If Umar Akmal don't want to play than we 'll include Asad Shafique in the team and Sarfaraz Ahmed is ready to took part in World cup.

Report of Umar Akmal are clear but Akmal said that he is feeling pain in finger so team management is thinking because they are in middle of the tournament.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pakistan Vs New zealand 24th Match ICC world Cup 2011

Kandy: Pakistan has to face New zealand in 24th Match of ICC World cup 2011. Two changes are expected in the team.Shoaib Akhtar has to include in the team in place of Wahab Riaz and Abdur Rehman will be in place of Saeed Ajmal.

Ahmed Shahzad is very keen to repeat his Last performance against New zealand and M.Hafeez is also confident to bang the New zealand balling.

Pakistani experts say that Pakistan should chase a match before Quarter Final.Pakistan is on the top of the Group A with 6 points and also only team with 6 points in both A,B group.

Predictions about Pakistan is that Pakistan will lose toss & will chase the target. New zealand will set 270+ on the board and Pakistan will definitely chase these runs easily.

The New Zealand captain has labelled the match up against Pakistan as the most important of the tournament.
“If we win this we could secure a spot in the quarter finals and it will give us a chance to be higher up the rankings and arguably have an easier quarter final than if we lose this game,” Vettori said.
One bonus is the fact that the opposition are familiar and despite the series loss at home earlier this is a team the BLACKCAPS know they can beat but to come out on top their top order needs to counter their quality bowling line up.
“I think the areas we struggled a little bit against them is that six, seven, eight – Akmal, Afridi, Razzaq and how they can take the game away from us so we’ve got to be ready for them and also the nature of how good their bowling attack is. 
“They have arguably got one of the best bowling attacks in world cricket and for us to succeed our top six has to stand up. 
“We came out on top last time we played them and hope the confidence we took from the last game can be taken into this one as well,” Vettori concluded.

Weather forecast in Kandy is it will sunny day on tuesday.There will be no chance of rain Max temp. could  be 28-29 C & Min 22-24 C.

Dawood Ibrahim warned Bal Thackeray -Khaleej Times

Sharjah (Routers) Dawood Ibrahim  (Don of India) has warned Shiv Sena and their leader Baal thakre that if they did any thing wrong with Pakistani team in world cup Final in India than they should ready for a powerfull reaction from underworld.

Dawood Ibrahim son in India 20 years Old Moeen Dawood has told media that my father loves cricket very much and he likes Pakistan team and wants that Pakistan should win World Cup. We don't want to leave bad impression on Pakistan nation that Indians did bad treatment with Pakistani team. Mumbai is my Father's birth place and World knows how much we are strong in Mumbai.
Moeen Ibrahim(Dawood Ibrahim son)

He said that Pakistan will play Final in Mumbai and if anyone interacts between Match we will see him.Shiv sena is a terrorist activist and Indian government should first see them than comment on our Mafia.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Indian hackers attack Pakistani websites for Publishing news of Indian Parrot Predicting Pakistan as WC 2011 champion

KARACHI: Indian hackers on Sunday attack on several Pakistani websites to take revenge of promoting the news of an Indian parrot that predicted Pakistan as a champion of Cricket World Cup 2011 three times in a row.
The news that appears on several Pakistani channels in last few days has become a hot topic at Pakistani websites and online forums after published it and than distributed to other news network in Pakistan.

It is noted that no one knows enough news about that parrot we published it on 24 Feb 2011.Our reporters from India help us too much providing information about that incident.Indian media was not tooking interest in that issue because of Fear from Terrorist activist Shiv sena.
 It is also noted that we break the news that parrot name was MALI and some Channels show Mani in their news and the image of web showing clearly MALI in the footage.
The Indian hackers, to get their anger low, decided to take revenge by hacking the websites that publicize the news of Pakistan as a WC 2011 champion.
A massage from Indian hackers that appears on a hacked Pakistani blog Jazba Blog says that “we hack this site to inform the people of Pakistan to stop day dreaming. You think that a parrot can decide who will be the champion of World Cup?”
The hackers also wrote that Pakistan’s dream to win the World Cup will never come true and India will take the cup.
It is pertinent to mention here that a news about an Indian parrot who predicted Pakistan as world cup 2011 champion has widely circulated in Pakistan in last few days after our Publishing this news.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Indian Parrot Predicts Ireland will win the match against India-Indian Channel

Mumbai (Routers) A parrot in astrological program in Indian Cricket show on Indian private channel predicts that India will lose the match against Ireland on Sunday.The host and guests in program took this prediction of parrot lightly and said that it is funny prediction.While other psychic in program predicts that India will win the match comfortably.
It is also noted that a Indian parrot whose name was ''Mali'' had predicted Pakistan as world champion few weeks ago before world cup and he had killed by his owner because of threatening from Indian Terrorist activist ''Shiv Sena''.

But Tarot lady in program predicts that India can win the match but they have to come harder against Ireland because in her opinion Ireland will not become soft bite for India.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ireland's Kevin O'Brien shows England why he is demolition man in Cricket World Cup 2011 victory

Kevin O’Brien, whose century for Ireland at the World Cup put paid to England on Wednesday, is the latest in a dynasty of outstanding Irish cricketers that started with his father Brendan - better known as Ginger - and continues through older brother Niall. 

All three of them feisty redheads, they took up the game at Railway Union – a leading club in the eastern suburbs of Dublin – where their belligerent approach to batting earned them the nickname “the demolition squad”.
Niall, who is 29, has been a fixture in county cricket for the past seven seasons. But 26-year-old Kevin has mostly stayed at home in Ireland, apart from a brief flirtation with Nottinghamshire, whom he represented in a few one-day games in the summer of 2009.
“You can see the progress in Irish cricket through the performances of guys like Kevin,” said Alan Lewis, the former Ireland captain.
“He is one of five full-time professionals based in Ireland, as is John Mooney, who played such a crucial innings at the death here.
“That professionalism marks them out from the previous generation of Ireland players. Take Jason Molins, another very talented Railway Union batsman, who used to leave work in London at 6pm on a Friday, rush to the airport, and find himself facing Wasim Akram in a one-day international in Dublin the following morning.

“I remember Jason telling me that he once went two years without an outside net. That can hardly be considered the best preparation.
"But now our best players have a chance to prepare properly. Mooney, for instance, was an electrician but is now a full-time cricketer.”
O’Brien’s stint at Nottinghamshire was not a huge success, at least in terms of runs. In 10 completed innings, he only reached double figures three times, with a best of 42.
As his county team-mate Mark Wagh put it, “He’s obviously improved quite a lot since then.” But Wayne Noon, Nottinghamshire’s assistant coach, said he had been impressed by O’Brien’s “cricket awareness”, especially his running between the wickets.
In fact, O’Brien gave a talk to the younger players about the niceties of running, including advice on exactly how far you can get away with backing up.
That is in keeping with Ireland’s focus on the “one-percenters” since they came under the wing of Adrian Birrell, the tough South African who coached them from 2002 to 2007.
Birrell demanded that Ireland should become the third-best fielding side in the world, behind the untouchables of South Africa and Australia, and their outcricket comfortably outclassed England’s yesterday.
“Kevin was a very strong package,” says Noon, because he could smack it out of the park, he bowled some useful overs, and he had a superb pair of hands anywhere in the field.
Apart from his obvious power, he also timed the ball really nicely. We would have given him another one-day contract last season, but he decided he was better off staying in Ireland, because they play so many more games now.
“In a way I’m not surprised that he’s done something exceptional, because he always had great potential. And this innings was no fluke: he paced it beautifully.
"If that innings had been played by one of the big names in this World Cup, a Tendulkar or a Gayle, everyone would be raving about it. Now Kevin might just have set himself up for a nice little deal in the Indian Premier League.”
In his time between county matches, O’Brien took a professional’s role at Plumtree in a rather different premier league. The Nottinghamshire Premier League, that is. Again, runs did not flow freely, but club officials speak warmly of him.
“Kevin was a terrific influence on Plumtree,” Ian Smith said. “He was very focused and his will to win really rubbed off on the other guys.
"A lot of the professionals you see at this level just take the money and run, but Kevin was always in contact with us on text on Facebook to see what was going on, even when he was away with Nottinghamshire or Ireland.
“In fact his bowling was probably better than his batting,” added Smith, “and he turned in some really tight spells. When we went to Papplewick, they had Phil DeFreitas and Stuart Law clubbing the ball around, but they weren’t taking any liberties against Kevin.”
If it is a long way from Papplewick and Railway Union to the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore, the shift from club cricket to the World Cup must be bigger still. But on the evidence of this insouciant innings, no one has told Kevin O’Brien, England's demoltion man.