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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Newzealand will beat South Africa in 3rd Quarter Final of World Cup 2011-Predictions

Karachi (Ary News) Shah Sahab in a private channel program predicited that Newzealand will beat South Africa in Quarter final of ICC World Cup 2011.It is noted that Shah Sahab is Predicted right in all big games like Pakistan Vs Australia,Bangladesh Vs England,India Vs Australia and other matches.But numerologist predicted that South Africa will be winner in the Quarter Final.He said that South Africa will beat Newzealand easily.

Parrot Shahzada in program predicted South Africa as winner in South Africa vs Newzealand game.

It is noted that Both Shah Sahab and Numerologist had predicted that Pakistan will definitely win World cup 2011.And will lift the trophy from Mumbai