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Friday, March 18, 2011

Cable Operator Association of Pakistan (CAP) called Strike from 12 Pm PST on Saturday

Lahore (Routers) Cable Operator Association of Pakistan called Strike on 19 March 2011 from 12 pm PST till 24 hours onward.They will shut down all channels except PTV (government channel).
The whole drama begins when Geo files case against their rights of World cup matches in Pakistan in Supreme court and they won the case that only GEO SUPER will telecast all matches of World cup 2011 live in Pakistan.If any channel wants to present match than it has to buy rights from Geo group.But PTV can broadcast match on terrestrial.
PTV broadcast match on terrestrial but they also telecast it on its satellite which is not allowed according to judiciary's decision.And Cable operators continuing presenting Star cricket on cable which has no rights to broadcast match in Pakistan.Cable operators broadcast this channel through their digital service to enter their advertisement between the match to earn revenue.While GEO SUPER was giving lots of advertisement between match so viewers got pissed off and changed channels to other channels.So Geo was losing advertisement due to unpopularity of their channel.So they filled case against Cable operators to shut all
channels who are telecasting world cup matches.
But Cable operators threatened GEO GROUPS that if they went again in court or if PEMRA took any action against them than they will shut GEO till the end of world cup matches.
Geo complained PEMRA about this and PEMRA took strong action against Cable operators of Pakistan and took their some important instruments in custody.
So now Cable operator's Association of Pakistan (CAP) decides to protest against it.And they decided to Shut all channels except PTV who can telecast match on Saturday.

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