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Monday, March 29, 2010

Shoaib Malik ex-wife AISHA SIDDIQUI

Shoaib Malik ex-wife AISHA SIDDIQUI

Shoaib Malik ex-girl friend Sayali Bhagat

Shaoib Malik ex-girl friend Sayali bhagat is not happy with this marriage . She says I still love Malik and wants to marry Malik anytime. Sayali and Shoaib affair was also a big manjan for the media of india and pakistan and all over the world.But NOW the biggest manjan is SHOAIB AND SANIA MARRIGE NEWS.

Shoaib Malik ends the Topic of hot news of YOUSUF'S RETIREMENT

KARACHI(hamari news) Shoaib Malik creates hurdles and ends the Yousuf's retirement topic by announcing the relationship between SANIA MIRZA and him. Which Blocks the Yousuf's Retirement issue. Yousuf is very disappointed after this. He said Shoaib has announced his engagement issue to creates problem for me. Yousuf announce his Retirement to make a big issue and he was thinking that if i do this all the cricket lovers will make noise and will want YOUSUF back but Malik issue of marriage ends his RETIREMENT ISSUE(SAB MIL KAR HANSO HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA)


Sialkot(abbasi news) Sania Mirza will weds with Shoaib Malik on 15 April 2010. They will live in Dubai or England its will decide later. Sania will represent INDIA in commonwealth games.