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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Geo Super Transmission Banned by Pakistan Government (PEMRA)

Govt has Geo Super turned off

Geo Super Transmission Banned by Pakistan Government (PEMRA) today without telling any reason. Geo Super is the only sports channel of Pakistan and is very popular in Pakistan.
During cricket world cup 2011 cable operators asked geo super to give them share of their earnings but they refuse to do so. Now Geo super is having problem with Pakistani government media authority PEMRA.

It is noted that Geo super is going to broadcast IPL matches in Pakistan.Pakistan nation was very angry upon Geo's this action , they said that IPL has Insulted Pakistan players by not selecting them in tournament.We don't want IPL matches in Pakistan but GEO SUPER neglect this and said that we will telecast IPL matches in Pakistan.PEMRA who has also affected by Geo news when they file case against PEMRA in court so this time PEMRA with IPL issue has banned GEO SUPER in Pakistan.

GEO SUPER have no license and registeration for telecasting matches in Pakistan.So PEMRA has ordered GEO NEWS administration to shift GEO SUPER from Pakistan.