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Monday, January 10, 2011

Former test cricketer Muhammad ILyas does not want Afridi as captain in World Cup

Karachi (routers) Former test cricketer and member of selection committee for his Son in law Imran Farhat does not want Afridi as captain in world cup.Sources indicated that Ilyas was badly known for his favour for his son in law Imran Farhat who didn't has capability to grab BAT properly but his Father in law Mr.Ilyas took him in Pakistan side every time he became selector.For this purpose Muhammad Ilyas has fight with other selectors many time and mostly he took out his T.T and forces selectors and Chief selectors to include Imran Farhat in squad.
On the other hand when Afridi took the captaincy he first cleans team from Dartoos like Shoaib Malik and many others to make team united. He promotes his regional players more.Sarfaraz Ahmed got failed to cover place of Kamran Akmal so he orders PCB to give KAMI back in side.Afridi is also famous for supporting Little boy called Fawad Alam who scored 167 against Srilanka when all seniors failed to score runs and when Pakistan was in trouble.
Muhammad Ilyas does not like Fawad Alam.Afridi also gave chance to Shahzeb Hasan instead of Imran Farhat (PARCHI) .Afridi wants fresh blood in team and he does not want Imran Farhat.So Mr.Ilyas make a plan with his son in law and make such situations that Fawad Alam got outside from side by selecting him in T20s and ODIs and send him in last positions where match was over or about to over.Fawad wants stay on pitch and than make some runs so he can't score runs which cause him to drop from team.

After dropping Fawad Alam Muhammad Ilyas next target is SHAHID KHAN AFRIDI.Our sources said that Pakistan's lost to South Africa series recently is due to M.Ilyas to make bad image of Afridi as captain of side. M. Ilyas lured Zulqarnain Hyder to run from team.He said Zulqarnain if he goes England Mazhar Majeed the friend of Imran Farhat will help him to include in county and may be he will get chance to enter in National team of England.So Zulqarnain absent from last crutial match Between Pakistan and South Africa which cause Pakistan lost the match due to huge tension in team.
Muhammad Ilyas is going to create such situations that Pakistan will lost ODI series against Newzealand and peoples will start criticism on Afridi which helps Ilyas to change Captaincy for World cup.Ilyas wants Misbah as captain.
 Sources also said that Muhammad Ilyas is attached to match Fixers for many years.So due to under world pressure he gots main positions in PCB many times.And he included Imran Farhat every time.