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Monday, November 8, 2010

A Beautiful Article written by United States of Pakistan on IQBAL DAY

Betrayed but Brave!

My first memory was of winning the British Squash Championship at the age of four in 1941. I decided then only that I would make my people one of the most sports loving people in the world. Pakistan would always be a spirited nation.

My people went on the win numerous splendors for me. We have been the World Champions in our National Game Hockey, ruled Squash for over 4 decades and winning crowns in Wrestling, Bridge and Snooker!!! But till date, my nation’s favorite sports remain to be Cricket.

Of all the traces of British rule in the last century or so, Pakistan loves Cricket only. It runs in our blood like electricity……the flow of the negative charges lightens our hearts and our souls…activates our memory cells to store every bit of it for years to cherish. To say that Pakistan loves Cricket only completes this irresistible circuit of love!

But recently, I have been assaulted, both in-home and internationally. The sad part of this gloomy story is the betrayal at every front. Yes, I’ve been harmed by my own men. Men who run my Cricket, men who promote my Cricket and now men amongst my most beloved stars have joined the bandwagon too. I’m glad these traitors were not sent to a battlefield or they would have fled to the other side.

This year only, I was told that my Cricketers had sold their souls for some worldly means in Australia, booked their faith for a few more in England and now bartered their very existence in Dubai. Till date I’ve been waiting for my sons to be proven of their crimes but not an eye would stand witness! But aye, there have been stories circulating…Stories after all.

There rarely comes a time in the lives of a people when they are blessed with not one but a pride of brave men. My dream is to see them successful in the times to come. I want to see my sons play but they just won’t let them. I’ve taken so much pride in my heroes belonging to the exciting world of Cricket for they have always made my flag proud wherever it’s hoisted. Fazal Mehmood, Imran Khan and Miandad; Wasim Akram Inzamam and Waqar Younis. The list is long and my heart reaches out for each one of them.

But never have been I as lucky to have an array of stars at a time as I am today. I have Shoaib Akhtar. Ahh Shoaib, the mischievous one! Razzaq O Razzaq. What can I say about you? Then the backbone of my team’s batting; Mohammad Yousuf & Younis Khan. And lastly…my darling Afridi. These are my most favorite sons; along with their younger brothers they are my hope for another glory soon…InshAllah!

But my enemies are huge in number. It hurts to see my own media make fun of my players and play nasty……yeah, nasty tricks on them. They ruined it for my youngest hero Amir and his mates Asif and Salman. Now I don’t wonder what they want… I know exactly what they want. They want to see my name disgraced. And they will go to every extent to ensure that. They are buying some of my people to help them in their task. I hear everyday these spineless creatures sell me for some riches. But do they realize, it hurts me to see them betray me. They are supposed to be on my side…they too are my sons. But I won’t disown them as yet.

But I’d remind them that Allah plans the best and their dirty little games will fail. My true sons will succeed and that is my firm faith. Their names will always be written in golden words, their sacrifices will be sung of and their dreams will be fulfilled. So those brave men who own me today in these days of predicament shall be told that their destiny is glory…and whosoever betrays me today; well, he shall be told he hasn’t got any destiny! His name will perish with time.

So my dear ones, I do not want you to shed tears when you are down and left alone to fight your own battles. But I want you to have the same faith in me as I have in you. This path you walk today has never been trodden upon. It’s rare like you. So pick yourselves up again when you fall and keep going. For the journey maybe long but its grandeur is unparallel! And every time they stab you, you go out in the field and play, as you are victorious as long as you don’t give up!!!!

Your loving Motherland,