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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Afridi is stronger contender for World cup Captaincy--------Sources

Karachi (Router news) Pakistan's Captain Sahabzada Shahid Khan Afridi is stronger contender for captaincy and will be strong because he has very much fan falling all over the world and specially in INDIA. Peoples of India are die heart fans of Afridi and they want Afridi as captain in World cup & World cup is also helding in INDIA.This is expecting that when chairman of PCB Mr .Ijaz Butt 'll announce Misbah as captain, it may creates turbulence in Pakistan. Public may burn PCB headquarter in reaction because Paki people love cricket and also they love Afridi.Butt is in huge pressure. It is saying that if Pakistan loose series from Newzealand , Afridi may remains captain for worldcup 2011.Misbah is in good form but former great captain like INZIMAM, WASEEM AKRAM, IMRAN KHAN wants Afridi as captain and former great players like ZAHEER ABBAS, AAMIR SOHAIL, MIANDAD views about changing captaincy is that it 'll not create any disturbance in team.So Butt is in pressure that if Misbah as captain will not lead team well and we again knock out from group stage like 2003 and 2007 world cup than Ijaz Butt may be in trouble because of his this funny experiment in a mega event.

Our sources also stated that Most of the major sponsors who have invested lot of money in the tournament in Pakistan have already prepared their campaigns with Shahid Afridi as captain in their commercials. So they are concerned that any late change in the captaincy now would derail their campaigns and cost them millions of rupees in losses.These companies are also lobbying within the government to ensure that the Pakistan board does not change Afridi as captain for the World Cup.

The source also informed that Butt is likely to announce the World Cup captain this week after some more deliberations in New Zealand.