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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Geo Super We do not want IPL-Stop your fucking behaviour against Pakistan

Geo group is consistently involves in degrading Pakistan nation.IPL (INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE) or INDIAN PROSTITUTES LEAGUE has insulted Pakistan by not selecting Pakistani Players but Geo Network is continuously broadcasting IPL matches in Pakistan and in all over the world.Pakistani Nation didn't want IPL matches but geo is playing with emotions of Pakistan Nation.WHY?? What benefit they are recieving  after telecasting matches.? If no one wants matches how sponsors giving them Ads.Is Indian Cricket Board giving him Dollars and advertisement!!.They all can explain by Geo Network administration.No one knows why Geo wants friendship with India also they are seeing behaviour of Indians with Pakistan.
Geo shows Indian Films ,Indian Dramas in their channel.They even advertise their films by including it in Bulletin.
If Geo has little bit love with Pakistan so they should start a league in Pakistan like IPL.And for this they should invite Indian players.I am 100% sure Indian Player will not took part in Pakistan League and than where will be ''AMAN KI ASHA'' of GEO NEWS.
GEO channel can took Green colour in their Logo and it should by included in Pakistani channel but they include BLUE colour which is Colour of ISRAEL flag and Indian sports team jersey colour.So how GEO can say them a Pakistani channel.Geo go to hell.