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Friday, April 22, 2011

Top five reasons Mosley has no chance against Pacquiao

As the Pacquiao vs. Mosley bout draws closer, fans, media members and boxing insiders have had plenty to say about who they think will win the affair. While viewing your typical Pacquiao vs. Mosley preview, you'll find that Mosley is being given little, if any, chance to pull off the surprise victory.
In fact, few individuals outside of dedicated Mosley fans believe he has what it takes to get the win at this stage in his career. If you think that Sugar Shane still has enough left to upend the pound for pound best fighter in the sport, then think again.
While we might not officially know the Pacquiao vs. Mosley results until May 7th, here are the top 5 reasons why Mosley has absolutely no chance against Manny Pacquiao.
1. Starts with a 3 and ends with a 9: No, not the 39 knockouts Mosley has scored in his career. Instead, the 39 years he has been alive. Mosley is 39-years-old and will be 40 this September, and outside of legendary, ageless wonders like Bernard Hopkins, that's an extremely advanced age in the boxing ring. Especially so for a fighter who has been through as much as Mosley has, having a lengthy amateur career and debuting as a lightweight force in the professional ranks over 18 years ago. Mosley is just too old to win against a windmill of destruction like Pacquiao.
2. Speed Isn't What it Used to Be: When Mosley was the best fighter in the world, he was the fastest fighter in the game. But like a pitcher who lost a few MPH off the heater, Mosley's speed has declined with his age, and even though he's still fast, the difference between then and now is huge.
3. Recent Track Record: Let's face it, Mosley has looked pretty terrible in his last two outings. He dropped 11 of 12 rounds to Floyd Mayweather, which is understandable enough, but then he took part in a true stinkfest of a fight that ended in a Draw against Sergio Mora. Not exactly the two performances you'd like to be building off of as you prepare to face Pacquiao.
4. Adapting to Pacquiao: Mosley has never been great at adapting mid-fight to what his opponent was bringing to the table. In his first fights with Vernon Forrest and Winky Wright, and in his outing against Mayweather, once the initial plan was squashed, he looked lost in the ring. If you can survive early, Pacquiao can be figured out… and Juan Manuel Marquez is the master at doing just that. But chances are that Mosley will be overwhelmed by Pacquiao's speed and will be unable to adjust to turn the tide.
5. Pacquiao is Nonstop: Mosley's stamina is usually a strength of his, but Pacquiao has him beat in that department as well. When Pacquiao fights he is nonstop in the ring, darting in and out, peppering you with quick jabs and thunderous combinations, using his feet, creating angles, and more. This constant movement will wear Mosley out like never before, particularly considering that haunting number we started this list with, 39.

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