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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Music limited at basketball games


National Basketball League
Friday at YMCA

Men: Power v Miracle
Women: UCU v A 1

THERE will be less music this basketball season. Sport governing body, FUBA has disclosed that the administration of main league venue, YMCA, has banned music during league matches before 8:15pm on Friday and a complete blackout on Wednesday.

The ban is just one of the major setbacks incurred by FUBA following fresh changes surrounding the home of local basketball. The other is in the reduction of the YMCA’s availability, which has cut back on the number of games to be played at Wandegeya despite an increase in the number of league teams from 41 to 46.

One women’s side and six men’s teams are joining the league, however, only four games can be played at YMCA on weekdays, down from six last seasons. That has forced FUBA to schedule 2nd and 3rd division games to MUBS court, Nakawa.

The changes will have a strong impact on the league, from altering the convenience of clubs to lowering the atmosphere during games. Music adds to the spectator-excitement and has been an integral part of local basketball for years.

Fortunately for FUBA, Lugogo (which has no inhibiting bans) is likely to be ready for use in July, an outcome that will see major games moved from YMCA.

The newcomers include men’s clubs Airforce Academy, City Oil, UPDF Tomahawks, Emperors and Blue Jackets, who collapsed in 2007 and ladies’ side Gladiators. KCC Lions and record eight-time women’s champions Lady Bucks will, meanwhile, not take part.

MEANWHILE, Kampala will host next year’s regional inter-cities basketball championships, adds Reuben Olita.

The Inter-cities commission president, Simon Msote made the disclosure at the end of the regional games in Nairobi.

The five-day event attracted 13 teams from Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia and Southern Sudan.

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