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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

R-truth injures John Morrison – WWE Monday Night Raw Update

R-truth injures John Morrison – WWE Monday Night Raw Update
The World Wrestling Entertainment Raw superstar R-Truth injured John Morrison in Monday Night Raw event on May 9, in Knoxville, Tennessee.
R-Truth became the Number One contender for the WWE Championship on April 11. The Number One contender match was fought between five deserved superstars Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, John Cena, R-Truth and Morrison. R-Truth won the Number One contender match.
Cena also became the second contestant for the WWE Championship against The Miz in the same show. The rivalry between Morrison and R-Truth was started in the following Monday Night Raw on April 18. R-Truth was very excited on becoming the Number One contender of the WWE Championship. He appeared in Monday Night Raw to give his comments about the WWE Championship.
R-Truth said that he was very happy that he was in line for WWE title. Morrison came out and greeted R-Truth on his great accomplishment. Morrison said that he was not in a position to win the match. Actually everything was in the favour of him, as he was tired in the match just because of his smoking. That argument set one more Number One contender match between R-Truth and Morrison.
It was set that if R-Truth lost the match, he would be out from the WWE Championship and Morrison would get in. The match was finally taken by Morrison and he became the new contestant to fight against Cena and The Miz. On May 1 at Extreme Rules, R-truth interrupted in the Triple Threat match of The Miz, Cena and Morrison. He cost Morrison the WWE Championship.
On May 2, Morrison attacked R-Truth from behind and beat him down. Although the match was set between both, it ended with no contest. R-truth took pay-back in the following Monday Night Raw. He attacked Morrison and hit his submission “What’s Up” on Morrison. Referees came out and stopped R-Truth. While referees were taking Morrison towards the ramp, R-truth attacked again and hit his submission again. Referees stopped him and called the Emergency Medical Technicians to take Morrison to the hospital.

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