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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

'NCAA Football 12' is on the Path to Glory

Huzzah! Video game football season is upon us, friends.



"Just Dance Summer Party"
[Nintendo Wii, Rating Pending]

July 26:
"Sims 3 Town Life Stuff"
[PC, Rating Pending]

Aug. 2:
"Bleach: Soul Resurreccion"
[PS3, Rating Pending]

Sept. 6:
"Resistance 3"
[PS3, Mature]

Sept. 13:
"NHL 12"
[Xbox 360, PS3, Rating Pending]

Sept. 13:
"Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns"
[Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Everyone]

Sept. 13:
"Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove"
[Nintendo 3DS, Rating Pending]
It's time to fire up the grill and invite some buddies over for a spirited weekend of "NCAA Football 12" (360, PS3; rated Everyone) competition.
Just kidding! You're out of propane and don't have any buddies.
It's actually time to sit in a dark room the next few months and obsess over some awful team in Dynasty mode as your neglected lawn threatens to consume the house, leading the neighbors to think you're dead (or foreclosed upon). Real passion knows no boundaries.
I'm ashamed to admit this, but I broke a decade-long tradition and skipped last year's edition of "NCAA Football." It was time for a break.
After logging approximately eleventy billion hours with the franchise since college I decided to take a step back and reassess how I spend my disposable income and increasingly rare free time. I thought about it long and hard for a good 20 seconds or so ... and then played "World of Warcraft" for the rest of the afternoon.
But my year-long absence from "NCAA Football" made the heart grow fonder, and now I'm ready for coach to put me back in the game.
The selling points for "NCAA Football 12" include the "Road to Glory" mode, in which you start as a high school prospect, play through your senior season, and try to get recruited by top schools. Once on campus you'll have to perform well on game days to keep your position as a starter.

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