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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shahid Afridi's wife photo released

Shahid Afridi with his wife in a farm house
Karachi ( humari news) Former Pakistani Skipper Sahabzada Shahid Khan Afridi 's wife's photo released.It was captured by famous online news agency humari news reporter Bilal Ansari aka Billu.Shahid Afridi is clear seen with a woman in the picture above.The picture was taken from a farm house where Afridi came for picnic with his family but our correspondent Bilal captured Afridi with his family from a hidden place.Afridi's wife (Nadia) is in pink t-shirt while lifting her elder daughter.
It is also noted that before this Pic of Afridi's wife lot of picture was on the internet proclaiming it a Afridi's wife but all of them was not clear and mostly was fake and edited.But this Pic of Afridi's wife was captured from a hidden place but very near from her.


  1. very beautiful women like boom boom

  2. this is unethical act... the one who took this picture should have realized that someday someone can do the same with his wife.. because, as u do so shell u reap!

  3. Miss Ayesha its our job & its ur passion and craziness about boom boom that u people are searching in large no. on search engines his wife's photo

  4. this one is completely editeddddd!!!!!!

  5. this one is completly fake. his wife could not wear dress like this and go outside atleast without any dupatta. fakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. this is soooo not good....n she can never be afridi's wife .....and yes MR bilal if afridi sees this he will killl u for sure..u have noo right to capture that..and yes as u do so shell u reap..


  8. This is not good enough for us that we are muslim and some one of us doing this gunah by releasing our islamic brother's wife photo....shame on you. ...


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