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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Muhammad Amir deserves a second chance

A gem must not be wasted
So, Mohammad Amir has been released from jail.
Last year, Mohammad Amir along with Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif were jailed for spot-fixing and this incident simply brought a nation and its fans down who are in troubled waters. Though Asif and Butt received no sympathy but Amir did draw a lot of sympathy from many corners simply due to his age and his lawyers are expected to appeal for his ban being shortened so that he again play for Pakistan.  
If the ICC reconsiders his ban and shorten his ban then? I wonder will he again play for Pakistan or will the PCB consider his selection for the national team?
Perhaps yes, perhaps no! 
Many fans, whose passion was hurt in 2010, feel that Amir should never be considered for the selection for his act and must not play for Pakistan again. Yes, no doubt Amir has done a shameful act and has let his country down and thus hurting the passion of millions of Pakistani fans who watch the men in green in action to forget the pathetic situation of their country. But can we really go ahead ignoring Amir if he's really available to play for Pakistan? Can we really think about the green army without a boy as gifted as Wasim Akram?
I can't think that. Amir's act is shameful and it fumes me with anger when I close my eyes and think of August 2010. But I also turn in to think that forgiveness is a great virtue and forgiveness is a beautiful trait that cannot be practiced by all. It is one such character which is easier to preach than to practice. It requires a great magnanimity to forgive whether it is a friend or an enemy and the weak can never forgive but it’s the act of strong personalities. I rate Pakistani cricket fans as strong characters. 
Although many Pakistani fans feel that Amir doesn't even deserve forgiveness but dear men in green fans forgiving Amir can be as good and healthy for you and for the team. And obviously practicing forgiveness is the most important contribution to the healing of the past wounds. By forgiving Amir we can heal the wounds which he gave us and let him give a chance to correct his mistakes. He did commit an error but that doesn’t mean that we just ditch him and let him sink in oblivion.
I'm against Asif and Butt to be considered for the team if they ever get a chance as because they had the maturity to think which is right or wrong but if we think about Amir then we must have to consider his age. He was 18 then and at this age unknowingly big mistakes may happen. I think Amir was the victim of a putrid environment and obviously he didn't have safe hands on his young shoulders to convey good advises.
I read an article written by a respected writer in a website saying, ‘I personally do not think he or the other two should ever be allowed to wear the Pakistan shirt again. He was given a chance but blew it, there are hundreds of thousands of boys who dream of playing for their country and do not get even ONE chance, who are talented but have no-one to put a word in for them, who can play but can't afford a kit, who have the talent but have to go to work to survive because their parents are too old. What gives this guy the right to get 2 chances?’
With due respect to the writer's opinion, the boy, Amir, should be given a second chance again only because he's a gifted cricketer and a bowler which you get once in a generation. And in life there is always a second chance. If we can vote the corrupted politicians again and again and give them chances zillion of times to run a country, then why not give a teenage boy a second chance who deserve to correct his mistakes by performing well again for Pakistan.
The writer also wrote, ‘Now they want him to have ANOTHER chance. Why? Are they putting a player before the country, is the honour of the country not as important anymore?’
Well if Amir is given another chance then it will only ensure benefits for Pakistan and no harm in playing a Pakistani gem for Pakistan's finest benefits. Don't forget that by putting a player before the country is only ensuring the greater benefits of the country. 
The writer said again, ‘If someone disrespected your mother, would you give them another chance? If your mother chose them over millions of others and had her faith in them and they threw it back in her face would you allow that to happen again?’
Well, to speak the truth forgiveness is the divine quality of the mothers and no mother can ever be angry with her dearest child. Mohammad Amir is Pakistan's dearest child. The young lad's mistakes, I believe has been forgiven by her motherland and I just feel his motherland want his son to deliver the best for her to make her proud. And dear writer don’t forget that your politicians are disrespecting your motherland a thousand times and if your motherland can forgive them then why not Amir?
Then the writer says again, ‘We must make a stance and start afresh, we must sacrifice potential short term success for the future. Sport should be sport and winning should not be everything. Losing with dignity is better than winning with disrespect.’
Yes, Pakistan should start afresh but that freshness will give a beautiful fragrance by allowing once in-a-life-time package another chance to serve his country to ensure the best of the results. Definitely sports should be sports and wining is not everything but no harm in ensuring the victory by the addition of a gem. And by addition of a person who is believed to correct his mistakes will never give victories tagged ‘disrespectful.’
‘I want only the best for my country, role models we can be proud of, ones that our children can emulate. Parents will always love their children no matter what they do wrong. I will always have a love for Amir, but please give another kid a chance who deserves it,’ the writer said in his piece.
I agree that a country need to cement those players who can be role models for our young generation and what Amir did is hazardous for the next generation but in the name of saving-the-best-talent-of-the-land Amir deserves another wind in his cricketing career and surely it will be an example for the children to follow the code 'To err is human and forgiving is divine' and no harm in giving another player chance but not for the sake of a diamond. 
Mohammad Amir deserves forgiveness and a second chance and if you fans don't forgive him then I must say, ‘He that cannot forgive others, breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass if he would ever reach heaven; for everyone has need to be forgiven.’ (George Herber)

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