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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yuvraj Singh misguided by advisers, says devastated father

Filial ingratitude! He would not utter that in as many words but somewhere in his heart, Yograj Singh is devastated that his son trusts everyone else, but not his father.
‘’I’ve endured all kinds of pains,” he blurts out. “My family got divided. I withstood the pain, my mother died in my hands, I withstood the pain. My son walked out on me. I withstood the pain. I can’t bear this pain.” His eyes are moist. “Ask a father what it is like to have a grown up son laid low by a dreaded disease.” He can’t control further; he breaks down.
Here in the city on a private visit Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj reveals that he often experiences these bouts of existential dilemma — why him, why not others, why his son, why not others’…
“It has happened to my son. Why only to him?” he would think aloud and then recover. “This fate should not befall on any father. No cricketer should suffer this.”
Gradually, he regains the composure. “The county has progressed in every field but not in the medical sphere,” he laments. That sweeping statement fails to hide the disappointment of having to stay apart from his son at the time of his need.
“There are people to take care of him. But who takes care of a father who is shaken for his son’s sickness,” he says during an emotional conversation with DNA.
Yograj is angry that Yuvraj’s illness was not informed to him. He finds fault with the cricketer’s close circle. “They have been saying all is well. He was not allowed to undergo a certain things by his gurus. That Dr Jatin Chaudhry has been stating that he will be fine. In the end, a BCCI doctor suggested that he should be cured. Keeping a son’s health problems away from his father is not just bad, it is a crime.”
Yograj thinks his son is misguided by his advisors. “He trusted them more than me. I don’t know why. I’ve got a son every father would be proud of. All I want is few words from my son.”
Yograj, however, is in touch with Yuvraj, currently convalescing in the United States. “He is not supposed to be speaking. I’m told he has started jogging. He would not require a third round of chemo. God willing, he will be back soon. My birthday is next month. His return will be my birthday gift.”
Never ask him if his son would every play cricket again. “What sort of a question is that,” he shots back. He will be fine. He will lead India. Mark my words.”
Would Yuvraj have made difference to India’s fate Down Under? Again he says, “What sort of a question is that? He made difference to the team for 12 years. Have you forgotten the World Cup?”

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