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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Funny gossip story of Fast Bowler Muhammad Aamir with his lawyer Sajida Malik

Muhammad Aamir with his Female Lawer

I have read many forums containing foolish love story rumors of Pakistan Fast bowler Muhammad Aamir with his female lawyer British born  Pakistani Sajida Malik.Muhammad Aamir has recently came to Pakistan from England after completing his spot fixing allegation prison jail abroad.Muhammad Aamir was found in spot fixing against England during Pak- England test series during 2010 along with Asif and Salman Butt.Muhammad Aamir accepted his mistake on request of his female lawyer and gone to jail but just for few months.

Here is article written by famous sports journalist Abdul Majid Bhatti.

If the above article is true and Majid Bhatti is not eager to earn cheapest popularity than its a funny story because he has written a romantic scene where heroine drinks a sip of bear and hero than took sip same where she took.I have a question to Mr. Abdul Majid Bhatti that what he & all people like Ijaz Butt is looking on her face.And how much closely they guys were looking this single lady that they first watched her sip & than her lipstick mark on glass, than they saw Aamir tooking sip from same point.That story shows how much PCB was serious on probing spot fixing allegations.All journalists & PCB officials were only Cross-eye to see Miss Sajida Malik.
Majid Bhatti proclaimed that he was the first who broke Spot fixing case first in his article.Now if this story comes true than Majid Bhatti will took lead on making Gossips in sports or might be through his this article Aamir & his lawyer Sajida Malik who never think on that point will come close each other.Otherwise Mr. Bhatti should be ready for a heavy fine on him by Sajida Malik because M. Aamir is just a childish thinking guy he will just give some childish smile after this story nothing else. But Sajida with his performance looking very sharp.She first made fool Aamir & urged him to accept his guilty as she found herself unable to defend his case so he tied to convince Aamir to accept his crime.If someone like Asif or Butt were there in place of Aamir , I can bet they will definitely shoot the lady because if someone has paid huge money to his Lawyer than he will definitely wants his lawyer to defend his case whether he is guilty or not.But Sajida Malik founds Aamir as foolish child so first she made him fool collection all his earning from cricket than now she caught him in her love as every lady will love henpecked husband.   
Fast bowler Mohammad Aamir with his girlfriend Sajida Malik

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