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Saturday, November 12, 2011

College Football 2011 Week 11 Preview: Cheerleader Edition

Last week, we went 6-4. Can’t really pinpoint where we went wrong. The LSU-Bama was a snooze-fest. I fell asleep. I’m not a defensive-minded guy. I was a QB and I long for the days of the Run ‘n’ Gun. Spread the formation, throw the ball. That’s why the Kansas State vs. Oklahoma State contest was a dream come true. We didn’t the Wildcats again in our Week 10 preview, but it’s only because they’re one of the few ranked teams that always seems to be the underdog by double digits. So, which games should you tune in to this week? Check out our suggestions for must watch match-ups along with pics of each team’s cheerleaders below.


#10 Virginia Tech at #21 Georgia Tech

Time: 8pm ET
Channel: ESPN
COED PREDICTION: This one’s tough – V-Tech gets smoked by Clemson and barely edges Miami and Duke while G-Tech lost to VA and Miami before upsetting Clemson. I have to give the edge to YELLOW JACKETS on their home turf.


#19 Nebraska at #12 Penn State

Time: 12pm ET
Channel: ESPN
COED PREDICTION: What a week for Penn State. Look for the CORNHUSKERS to run roughshod over the distracted Nittany Lions.

#17 Michigan State at Iowa

Time: 12pm ET
Channel: ESPN 2
COED PREDICTION: Iowa’s been a real pain in the ass for ranked Big-10 opponents, that’s why I’m calling for an Upset Special. HAWKEYES will slip past the Spartans.

#16 Texas at Missouri

Time: 12pm ET
Channel: FX
COED PREDICTION: It appears the LONGHORNS have righted the ship the past couple weeks after getting trounced by the Sooners and outgunned by the Cowboys. Missouri’s played tough against ranked opponents but they’ll come up short against UT.

Pittsburgh at Louisville

Time: 12pm ET
Channel: ESPN 3
COED PREDICTION: The CARDINALS are on a roll and I don’t see the Panthers ending that.

#24 Michigan at Illinois

Time: 3:30pm ET
Channel: ESPN / ABC
COED PREDICTION: The Illini duked it out with the Nittany Lions while the Wolverines got clipped by the Hawkeyes. If Illinois stops D. Rob, we could be in store for another Upset Special. ILLINI in OT.

Texas A&M at #14 Kansas State

Time: 3:30pm ET
Channel: ABC
COED PREDICTION: I think the over/under on this game is 1,000. The Wildcats have been averaging 50+ points the last 3 weeks and the Aggies are 15th overall in the Points For category. K-STATE should prevail in what should be a shootout to end all shootouts.
NOTE: We know A&M doesn’t have cheerleaders. Settle down.

#20 Auburn at #15 Georgia

Time: 3:30pm ET
Channel: CBS
COED PREDICTION: This was on our list of Most Anticipated Games of 2011 and though each team has struggled, this one should still provide a ton of excitement. Auburn’s looked good of late, but Georgia’s got too much going their way; DAWGS win by at least a touch.

#7 Oregon at #4 Stanford

Time: 8pm ET
Channel: ABC
COED PREDICTION: Oregon’s steamrolled their way through the weaker teams in the PAC-12. Their last ‘real’ game was against LSU in the season opener. Meanwhile, Stanford survived USC and has Luck on their side. CARDINAL by a FG in OT.

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