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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dallas Farmers Market: Bringing in the 8-ball squash

Farmer J.T. Lemley in Shed No. 1 at the Dallas Farmers Market called to tell me that he's now harvesting several kinds of squash, including 8-ball, 1-ball, zucchini and several kinds of yellow squash at his farm near Canton. (He loved the recent rain.)
I bought some of his tomatoes from Marfa (his field tomatoes aren't ripe yet), and they were darned good. Oh joy, to have tomato season upon us again.
I also made short order of his big, green-topped spring onions. I sauteed them with some local mushrooms and added these and sun-dried tomatoes to red quinoa with just a little seasoning. Finished it all with some shredded asiago cheese. A delicious and healthy one-bowl meal in 20 minutes, with good leftovers.

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