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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Zulqarnain Haider caught dancing in a disco club at London

Pakistan News:Zulqarnain found dancing in a disco club at London
Reported by: M.USAMA ABBASI  Zulqarnain Haider is up to cleaning the game of cricket. He has threatened to disclose the names of the players in the Pakistan team who are involved in match-fixing. Haider left the team on the morning of the final ODI last year against South Africa, without informing the team or board officials, and landed in London, where he immediately claimed asylum.
But he revoked his asylum application and returned to Islamabad on Monday after being given security assurances by the Pakistan government. Days before his return, Haider said he had received more calls from people who threatened him should he return. At least one call was recorded and broadcast on local TV channels.
He also had said that he is suffering from financial crisis and is very upset with everything. But before returning to Pakistan, surprisingly, Zulqarnain Haider has been caught dancing in a famous disco club in North London and to enter the club one must pay 22 pounds! The video tape was shown in Geo News.
If Haider is suffering from financial crisis then where did he have the money for entertainment?
A man under so much threats and pressures can’t enjoy in a disco club openly as there will always be a threat of being murdered by the people whom he had accused. But it had been seen in a video tape shown in Geo News that Zulqarnain is dancing quite freely in that disco club.
What is Zulqarnain Haider up to? What are his motives? There are no balance between his words and actions. It’s the high time that the high commands in the Pakistan cricket board and above all the Pakistan govt. ponder over his words and actions before taking any further steps.
Video evidence of the news is being given below via

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